“I wanted to tell you how amazing it was to me to see Maggie enjoying the water so much.  She slept all night without waking up panting (as she’s been doing).  Kathy was wonderful and I’d like to make an appointment with her for next week if possible.”
Maggie’s mom (Diane Duncan) via email

"We first met Kathy when we moved to Henderson in 2009.  I was looking for a massage therapist for my girl Jordan, a GSD, and was so fortunate to have someone recommend Kathy.  From day one she became an essential part of our lives.  Kathy began working with Jordan in the pool in 2015.  It was wonderful to watch them together and to see the improvement in Jordan’s emotional and physical state of being after each session.  I am thankful for Kathy every day.  Darlene Gerson


​​​I am the happy steward of two beautiful Labrador retrievers named Bodhi and Holly.  They are brother & sister, 10 ½ years old, and I was present at their birth so we have been together all their lives.  After many good years of chasing balls, rabbits, coyotes and each other, a diet of organic foods and very good overall health, Bodhi and Holly are experiencing signs of arthritis, joint dysplasia and simply getting into their senior years.  Kathy has been working with Bodhi and Holly for months now and their sessions have made such a difference in their movement.  They are sooo happy to see her and have fallen into a rhythm of taking turns for their bodywork that is a beautiful thing to observe.  Kathy’s gentle, knowing touch has helped them feel so much more comfortable in their bodies that they are relaxed and more playful for the rest of the day.  The information she shares with me on her findings each session has helped me make choices on their range of activity.  Besides good food, time in the park with their friends and love, Kathy’s bodywork is the best thing to happen to them…. And they let her know with kisses on her cheek after each treatment.”  

Terry Mahoney   

Kathy took the time to allow Yukari to relax in the water before moving through the water.  Calming voice and I liked the way she asked her to safely swim... wonderful the time she took to massage Yukari, very relaxing”

Yukari (Guide Dog in training) with Raiser, Deb.


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“It was great that she responded to Kathy’s energy…as Vanya can be a crazy girl” 
Princess Vanya (Guide Puppy in training) with Puppy Raiser, Deb.​

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"My 13 yr old GSP had a bad injury that left his hind legs going out.  He was extremely weak and shaky in that area and would fall quite a bit.  Since Kathy has been massaging him weekly he doesn't fall and he's overall happier and in less pain.  I'm thankful for these appointments because I really didn't know what to do." 

Desiree B

“….  Kathy came to our home 2-3 times per year for several years to walk our dogs Winnie and B.D. when I was away.  "The girls" loved her and really looked forward to her visits.  Kathy didn't just walk the dogs, she loved them.  She played with them before and after they walked which they enjoyed immensely.  It was always a treat for me to get home and find them playing together as "the girls" were so happy to receive Kathy's love and attention.”
Sue Schuermann

Canine Bodywork & Aquatics